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Thread: what to feed ?

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    what to feed ?

    As I am about to pick up my first pup next week I am confused as what to feed ,do I feed kibble , raw or a mixture of both.What do you guys do ?


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    Any good quality dog food is as good as another to be honest. stay away from the cheep stuff as its just false economy. You could always look at barf as well. It basically comes down to what you have time to do and if the dog likes it.
    To start with be led by what the breeder has been feeding and whatever you decide on feeding change the pup over slowly by mixing the new food with the old then phasing it out. You should get food from the breeder when you get the pup and sometimes its best to give the pup time to settle into its new environment before doing anything. Some pups go off their food and some get the runs from the stress of the move.
    Hope this helps

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