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Thread: Dmq 1 100%

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    Dmq 1 100%

    I was talking to a few chaps who run Lev 1 courses and it looks like lately all have had 100% pass rates .Is it now to easy is a qualification worth having if the pass rate is so high.?? Or are the trainers with these 100% coarse pass just good at there job.?

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    Maybe spending £275 focusses the mind.
    How would a lesser pass rate make the qualification more worth having?
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    A good question and one that just might provoke some interesting Questions and Answers but will a definitive Answer be found probably not and for those of us that did the DSC in the very early days will remember it cost more then than it does now and the course was longer, If my memory serves me correct there were 17 on my DSC and 3-4 failed 1-2 on the exam and the rest on the shooting test.

    Maybe those sitting the test now are better informed and practice-hone their shooting-safety skills better than in the early days?

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    I sat mine with BDs 6 months ago. 3 people failed.

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    Maybe it just means scottish shooters are better
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    From my perspective it's that guys are taking their time to prepare - recognising that in tight financial times they want to pass first time. There's also a lot more resources available to suit every learner - including practice tests etc. that were previously less accessible.

    I will post a well done on my Facebook page to all the candidates who passed - but I do try to avoid quoting pass rates. Good instructors who put candidates at ease and can read the needs of their candidates help - as do well prepared candidates.

    Although all my recent candidates have passed, this hasn't always been at the first attempt. Course providers naturally want to assist candidates and have a high pass rates. Sometimes courses are managed to ensure candidates have the opportunity to re-sit elements the same weekend - hence why it can look like pass rates are at 100%. There are almost certainly candidates in here who have failed an element or two but passed a re-sit on the following day or so.

    As I've said elsewhere, Level 1 is something I personally believe in. I wouldn't be doing them otherwise, although I am sure there will be people who would offer any old thing, regardless of value to stalkers, if it was making them money. Having said that, I don't believe it's perfect, but the best way to change something is by working within the system.

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    i dont see how it can be easier, if the candidates are answering the percentage of questions required on the sheets and passing the shooting test and other requirments or is it that some ppl would like to rase the goalposts to fail more guys with making the questions harder or the shooting test harder even, my theory is if its not broke it dont FIX it ( pardon the pun) there will be guys just starting out shooting deer or even starting out shooting and see the belifits of gaining the cetificate, so in imho after they gain it thats when the real leaning starts as soon as they put there foot in the field whither that be alone or with someone thats more expireanced ( thats up to them) if they follow all they learned its stood them in good sted

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    sometimes people need to re-shoot or fall short on the main paper. It's not that they failed, they just haven't passed yet which they will given another chance. Once they pass you're back at 100%

    They sin of it is where people that fall short aren't given the support and encouragement by the trainers and assessment centres to come back and complete it.

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    I believe the improved pass rate is due to the trainer's ability to spot weaknesses in certain candidates.
    Obviously the candidate must want to pass and has taken the trouble to study the pre course material.
    If the candidate has done his bit then the trainer can spot the weakness of certain parts of the course and in most cases it is a result of not understanding certain aspects, this is identified by the trainer and emphasised to that particular candidate.
    Quite often a question can be put in such a way as not to be understood by an individual but if put another way is suddenly made very clear.
    I have found this to be the case very often when carrying out L2 witness stalks.

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