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Thread: Roe Buck

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    Roe Buck

    Five metres.... much closer and I could have touched him with a hand.


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    well done thats a cracking picture.

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    I'd like to see that picture and many of the others on next years 'Stalking Directory' calender. Now there's an idea.

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    WOW.. Hes a handsome little bugger aint he.
    Well done Tikka260, A very very nice picture mate

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    Thanks All. The buck was mine, and I had my rifle on the sticks as he got closer and closer, my Chum took the pics until the camera shutter noise was on the point of spooking him. Game Over.

    Its nice to be as close as that , and it doesent happen often.

    I shall be out more with the camera myself this year and looking forward to the opportunities.


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    That's the winner in my book! Beautiful.

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