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    Hi all, just out of curiosity,this question goes out to the ones who the ticks latched on to,do you wear wellies with your trousers tucked into their socks or do you just wear a regular laced boots, was wondering if they crawl up your open trouser legs, was in the thinking that having your trousers tucked into your socks and wellies on may prevent it happening.

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    Had over 20 off my 3 Chessies this weekend and ticks can climb up a pane of glass so tucking anything in won't help.

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    Maybe ive been lucky then reddot, Ive always wore wellies all year around

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    Worst year ever... i spend more time hunting ticks than hunting game. My fingers are raw!!

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    I wear the elasticated gaiters that hold your trousers tight to your boots. Keeps all the rubbish and ticks out - I haven't had a single tick get in at the bottom end since I got them this time last year. And if your trousers get dripping wet, they are outside your boots so don't wick the water straight inside as it does when they're tucked in.

    If you want a pair, I have a couple spare since I imported several sets from the States.

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    tucking in helps, two pairs of trousers helps,
    treated (permethrin) trousers helps too.
    but theyll get in by your collar and cuffs too
    especially if you lie down or crawl

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