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Thread: sako gamehead

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    sako gamehead

    does anyone no what type off bullets head sako uses in there .223 55 gr gamehead round ?(speer spitzer ?) i get on really well with these and im now thinking of starting reloading (not before time lol) and would like to use the same components or at least as close as i can get or if anyone thinks there is a better bullet head for fox and roe then that would be great but to be honest these have been first class
    cheers allan

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    The gamehead is a good bullet and of their own manufacture I believe, well they market it under their own name anyway if they don't actually produce it. Try to get your dealer to order some in. I like the same bullet in .308 and they are fairly reasonable to buy but apparently there is a minimum order from GMK so my local dealer is reluctant to order in.
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    It's their own bullet.


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    thanks lads il try the local gun shop and see what he can find out,ive been paying 19 quid for 20 so there not all that pricey really but ive a about 100 empty brass doing nothing

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    what would you think would be the best choice that i could buy for similar performance ?

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    Try geco feller don't let the name put you off ,have a go with them i was happy with the job they did out of my sako 85. 308 cheap and good brass for reloading .i norm reload for my rifles with 150 pro-hunters but the geco are a very good fall back.

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    theres only 2 gunshops near me mate and they dont stock geco, the sako are very good in my gun but looking for a similar bullet to reload ,thanks though

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    again sierra 150 pro-hunter with h4895 will knock anything down feller with good low meat damage i use it on crows to wild bore deer small or large no probs.

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    sorry mate didnt realise what you ment im totally new to reloading il have a look

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