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Thread: Stalkers UK

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    Stalkers UK

    Hi People, has anyone bought anything from the Stalkers UK shop that advertises on this site. The reason that I ask is that I cant! Try it, I can't get onto products, I can't add anything to my basket (naturally) and just keep ending up at the same page.

    Anyone enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong or if the web site is up the creak!

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    I've worked it out, you have to type the name of the product that you want into the search bar, not ideal and not a good way of 'window shopping' but you sort of get there!

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    went through the process, no problem. No typing in the product, bought 2 clipper knifes, good price, Jim

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    Bought loads off Richard with no such problems

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    So how do you get onto the product pages then?

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    Just bought some stuff and had no problems mate you can even pay using paypal

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    Right then as no one wants to answer my question I'll spell it out lol. I click onto the site and get the site up, I am now looking at a black and white photo of deer in the snow and below that 3 pictures, these are of a carcass tray a scoutguard camera and a skinning cradle, it will not allow me to click on anything from there except the 6 menu items above the 3 photo's and I can also use the search box. If I click on products I end up at the same page that I was just in? So am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks Andy

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    Hi Andy,if you go to the bottom of the page and click on the 'site map' that takes you to all that you need................Martin

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    Just had a look, hover your cursor /pointer over PRODUCTS and the options drop down and then click on the relevant item you want to look at /purchase works for me .Brough

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    Martin, your a star, thanks mate.

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