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Thread: Wild Boar Release in Wales

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    Wild Boar in Wales

    "South Wales Police are investigating a commercial burglary at a premises in Ewenny Road, Maesteg where 21 wild boars were released from their pen and are possibly roaming the surrounding area. The burglary occurred around 12:30pm hours on Sunday 27th April 2014. The boars can travel up to 30 miles a day looking for food and could potentially attack other livestock. Members of the public who may locate one of these boars are asked not to approach them and to contact 101 as a priority."

    Is there any stopping them now that they are out I wonder ? Is that a large population ? I am unsure.

    What I am really wondering is how fast do they spread ... although I have heard they can be a right nuisance
    I also wonder if there was a burgularly, or just a few lads fancied setting a few loose out in the woods

    Link to article

    21 wild boars are on the loose in Maesteg - Wales Online

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    Sounds like the Margam park deer poachers wanted some different species
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    Don't think they will get very far unless they ran down the main road or got in the river. The most likely place on Ewenny Road that could hold boar would be Maddocks slaughter house, the article did say commercial property and there are several boar farmers in the area.

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    Wild Boar Release in Wales

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    What's the betting they all get shot!

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    There has always been a few pigs loose in the Maesteg area , last few I saw had lipstick on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgyrog View Post
    What's the betting they all get shot!
    'Blimey' Thats a bit harsh !

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    Quote Originally Posted by bullet chucker View Post
    'Blimey' Thats a bit harsh !
    And if they are all shot it matters because?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagare View Post
    And if they are all shot it matters because?
    Wild boar are a long absent integral part of the woodland ecology in the British Isles.

    Elsewhere in Europe moderate rooting by low density populations of Wild Boar have been shown to increase biodiversity and woodland vascular plants in particular by as much as 30%.
    (source European Ungulates, Putman et. al.)

    atb Tim

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    If either they are not all recovered or shot and they get into the forestry above Maesteg I can see there be a couple of hundred boar up there in a year or two. That is if they manage to evade the local cowboys. Come to think of it if only one pregnant sow evades recapture or shooting you could still have a situation similar to the Forest of Dean within a year or so.

    Perhaps I had better break out the 9.3 and mosey on down that way this afternoon.
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