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Thread: whats the best brass!!

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    whats the best brass!!

    hi,a questions for the purists out there,i'm going to start reloading just as soon as i can get all the equipment together,i've got most of it,i plan to reload 308 & 243,is there a favorite brand of brass you prefer to reload i.e fedral norma etc,etc and if so why?many thanks

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    Lapua is claimed to be the best. Both Federal and Norma have good reputations however different people like different makes. A good place to start is factory ammo shot in your own rifle then process that brass and your off to a flying start

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    Most brass is ok, you will find the best for you pretty quick, just remember to keep your loads all one headstamp for some repeatability of loads. A visual check over & rough weight sorting will be enough to start you off.

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    If it is for hunting then as long as it is all the same make you will be fine.
    I use federal and remington both are more than up to the job. Only use the federal because i have lots of cases i also have small amounts of norma & winchester

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    I've settled on Norma in 7-08 and Nosler for the .260 as it saves neck sizing and has the correct headstamp for each calibre as a safety check.

    and... Lapua for the 6.5 x55...

    All good, take your pick.


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    You could fill some of the American discussion boards with this! Some say Norma, others Lapua, some Nosler "Custom".

    Me? I prefer Remington to Winchester and don't think that for normal stalking Norma offers any advantage. Indeed some say that "new" Norma isn't as good as "old" Norma!

    South African PMP was very very good brass.

    In its time when the last Kynoch ammunition used Norma components it was superb. Today some forty years later I would not pay the premium just for brass with Norma on its base.

    Nor would I for Nosler "Custom". Some say SAKO is good. I've fifty primed once fired cases somewhere. 10 including the red plastic MTM box to anybody that wants to meet me near the M1/M69.

    Just bring an FAC so I know that you can have the primers...even though they are in the cases.

    I've not been too impressed with RWS when I've used it in the 1970s but that isn't a fair observation on today's RWS.

    So I'm back to saying that for me I currently use Remington in my 280 (not a lot of choice there) and reloaded Hornady cases in my 270.

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