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Thread: Roe cut skull weight....?

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    Roe cut skull weight....?

    Ok, so I have had this skull in the garage for many years, sadly not one I can take credit for as it was put down by a friend of mine who is a vet many years ago. It's by far and away the nicest roe I have had the pleasure of seeing, if only I could encounter one with the rifle one day.....
    my question is though, is there a minimum weight for them scoring a medal once they have been cut?
    He weighs 437g in the current state, I'm not fussed about having him scored, but just intrigued to know what he would equate to, as I say, it's not for personal achievement as he isn't one of mine, but I'm just interested to know ball park figures for what they would be?
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    Long nose is a 65g deduction so roughly 502g uncut which is ball park a good bronze.

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    Thanks Ben, knew someone would have a rough formula.....!
    If only I saw animals like that round here....he was from Salisbury neck of the wood if memory serves me right.
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    Hi Deerstalker 308,
    I have just looked up in Dominic Griffith's book, "Deer management in the UK", and subject to the usual measurements and beauty points etc. it appears that a "Long Nose cut" which yours might be, would weigh around 430gms Bronze, 485gms Silver. 545 gms Gold. He calls a "Long Nose Cut2 one that includes all the eye socket and jaw anchorage. But the other measurements can make an enormous difference. Hope this helps, and await better informed posters.

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    I agree with Ben bronze apart from you deduct the 65g making it 372g but I'm sure that's what he means. Salisbury area is very good for big heads I'm just lucky I live here.

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    Hi Pete, yes sorry if my post is confusing, i find it easiest to remember the uncut guidelines as anything i think could be a medal stays uncut until it's CiC measured then remember the deductions for the 2 cuts ie 65g long nose and 90g standard. So given the head shown is long nose cut i would think of it as add 65g to get it back to full skull then compare it to the standard rough medal guidelines. Theres loads of ways of doing it but thats what i find sticks easiest in my mind. Once measured everything is long nose cut at mine.

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