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Thread: sunday shooting

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    sunday shooting

    hi who shoots deer on a sunday i know you cant do it in england. and there is no law in scotland just its not the done thing as its a day of rest . not in my house it aint so eney scotish stalkers shoot deer on a sunday do you get eney flack for doing it shooting deer /what else you do on a sunday i dont want to know

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    I work all week so saturday and sunday are my days when i can stalk in the morning so i have no problem with sunday stalking. I've never had any grief over it. I'm in Fife.

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    I shall be out in the morning for first light, and I guess I have been

    breaking the law for 20 + years in England


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    Who says that you can't stalk Deer on Sundays in England, I can assure you that you can.

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    Always stalked on 'the Sabbath' in Scotland. Some places you just can't do it for fear of hellfire and brimstone or whatever from the minister and the kirk elders. Otherwise why waste a fine day? If you're stalking all week with guests or busy at the hinds it's good to take the weekend or a day off though. Wouldn't try it in the Outer hebrides though as they can be crazy about Sabbath observance...crazy 'Wee Frees'.

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    i also knew you couldnt stalk on a sunday?

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    thought on the basc site it states no game to be shot in england on a sunday deer are game are they not

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    Deer are only game for the purposes of the now defunct game licence (still in effect in Scotland)

    otherwise they are not game

    See here:

    Clear as mud

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    so if deer are not game just deer then i dont nead a game licence and yes some parts of scotland you even look at a deer on the sabath they stone you so its ok im of out in the morning then

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