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Thread: a pass through

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    a pass through

    Hi folks,its just dawned on me there has been a few comments on a particular bullet that did not expand on a beast, would anybody like to divulge there experience as i had what i think was a pass through and want to hear your opinions on how the beast reacted after the shot,pms are fine if you dont want to tell your story on an open forum, regards swaro

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    It died, thats what happens

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    can think of a few...

    in 308, hornady 150gr gmx just not going fast enough to expand and going through a red like a fmj (tried them out when the FC was thinking about going lead free for 2014)
    180gr nosler partitions on a few roe in 308 just not creating much damage again a bit slow probably to expand properly (no other bullets in stock for reloading)

    but 150gr nosler ballistic tip is the muts nuts for everything!

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    How did the beast react, its behavior after the shot

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    Not a deer but I had a fox a few weeks ago broadside shot, just behind the shoulder dropped on the spot but no visible entry or exit.
    I parted the fur and found a tiny pin ***** on the entry side and same on the other side, hardly any blood. That was using 40gn silvertips at 70yds.
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Come on guys, this isnt a trick question, forget the make of bullet and answer the question

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    I had it many years back when I used 165 Sierra Game Kings in a .308w to shoot a roe instead of my usual 150 grn bullets which were out of stock. The shot was at about 80 yards and the doe quivered and took a few steps forward as if unafected before I shot her again. The stalker that I was with said " that was awful shooting" but when we looked both bullet holes were within an inch of each other and perfectly placed. Then he said " you didn't buy those bullets from ****, I've had a few guys come down here with those bullets now, they're no good for roe, too tough".

    I've also had it with fox with the .308w, again the fox run on almost as if unaffected.

    In my mind it just goes to show the importance of matching the bullet that you use to your quarry.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Sako 90gr softpoint in .243. 180 metre shot at roe buck. Didn't hear the shot strike, and the deer froze, looked up toward me, then scuttled toward thick forestry - in every way identical to a clean miss. Fortunately it stopped for a second at a fence, and I shot again.

    On gralloching, I was very surprised to see two holes about 2 inches apart. The first was a neat pencil hole entry and an exit perhaps the size of a 20p piece. Nicked the heart and went through the lungs with very little damage. The other was as I'd expect - pencil entry, exit the size of a golf ball, dragging some diaphragm and liver with it (slightly quartering shot).

    I think I was just very unlucky in that the bullet went between ribs on the way in, so didn't really start expanding - never had a problem with them since.

    It has lead me to be very cautious about interpreting things as a 'clean miss' ever since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul at Fechan View Post
    but 150gr nosler ballistic tip is the muts nuts for everything!
    I agree about the Nosler ballistic tips, but have you tried the Nosler Accubonds? they are even better.

    atb Tim

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    Not deer but I tried 90gr GMX in .25-06 on foxes if you hit them broadside the bullet went straight through without even knocking the fox over it looked like a clean miss! The fox would then set off like a rocket for about 100-150 yards then drop stone dead.
    On inspection there was just a tiny entrance wound and exit wound the same size.

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