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Thread: 7mm Saum

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    7mm Saum

    Wanted 7mm saum brass and dies wanted anyone got any.

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    i have wilson dies here
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    hi mty I am also looking at the 7 mm saum rifle are the case's and dies around enough in good amounts as I am thinking of having one built as an all rounder long range and deer rifle ,I know you do the grove and hunt ,so what twist and size tube would be ok to go for bullets etc ? but not to long /heavy for stalking but cool for say barton road odd days. I have read the case's etc are low on the ground feller .
    any info will be good as I can only find stuff from over the pond lol.

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    give us a bell paul
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    ok boss may be looking at a 280 or 280 ack imp as well so comp dies and case's are also on the watch list feller

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    ok here all night
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