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Thread: Can you check this .260 load for me?

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    Can you check this .260 load for me?

    I've never worked up a new load before - a mate worked up a load for my .243 (which was very accurate so I didn't search for anything better) but he's since moved away from the area and I now need to work up a load for a new .260. So hope you don't mind me running a few thoughts by you guys for a sanity check I'm not doing anything stupid!

    I've had good results with nosler BT in the 243 so going to start there, with the 120gn bullets for the 260. I've also got some H414 handy, which by chance looks to be high up the list of "fast" powders in the Lee manual, so seems reasonable place to start. Lee Manual load looks to be 42.5gn to 45.5gn max.

    So I was thinking of loading up 5 rounds at 42.5gn with an OAL 20 thou off the lands, another 5 at 43gn, 5 at 43.5gn etc increasing in 0.5gn thou increments up to the max load. I've also got some CCI large rifle magnum primers - good or not?

    Firstly, can someone with a Hogdons manual just check the load data for me and secondly, anything I'm doing wrong or could do better?

    Incidentally, barrel is 21".

    Many thanks in advance!

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    I've glanced at the Nosler Manual and it says 45.0 gr H414 for max load. I would start at 42.5 gr and work up in 0.4 gr steps. I would use standard large rifle primers. I don't personally see any need for Magnum rifle primers in a 260 Rem and neither does the Lee Manual.

    For an initial assessment, I would just load 3 rounds at each powder weight. I only load five rounds at a given powder weight once I'm sure I'm in the right area and am testing that I can repeat an earlier success.



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    Hodgdon data
    120 GR. Speer SP
    Starting Loads Maximum Loads
    Manufacturer Powder Bullet Diam.
    Hodgdon H414 .264" 2.780"

    Grs. Vel. (ft/s) Pressure
    42.5 2,802 51,000 PSI start
    45.5 2,968 58,600 PSI MAXIMUM

    44.8 gr H-414 most accurate in my Nosler manual at 2,880 fps from a 22-inch barrel. COAL = 2.80 inches
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    What are you shooting at ?

    Had good results with 120 gr in my .260 on fox muntjack and fallow. BUT stopped using them because the failed to exit every Fallow i shot.
    Killed them all but as there was no exit i know that WHEN the bad shot happened there would be no blood trail to follow !

    129 grain exits so i now get the confidence that if i need to track it will be easier .

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    Really? I've never had a problem with 243 rounds exiting a fallow. Something I'll keep an eye on though.

    Thanks for everyone's input - looks like I'm not a million miles away.

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    I suppose it depends on the bullet make up. The ones I use are Hornaday SP, the 100gr bullets where the same BUT they lost most of their Mass and only the base and copper jacket was found under the skin on the exit side.
    If I can find one I have saved I will put up a picture of one.

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