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Thread: First buck, new knife.

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    First buck, new knife.

    Got my first buck of the year last night. Got in position near a fence about 100m from a woodland edge, the fence is at right angles to the wood and the wind blowing off the wood. After about an hour a buck appeared about 100m my right browsing on whin flowers. I watched him for half an hour but couldn't get a clear shot through the bushes. Eventually he melted back into the wood, good head, I'll be back for him. While I watched him another buck had wandered out about 200m to my left, he was watching something further left and set off towards it at a fair lick along the edge and down a slope where I couldn't see him. After a wee while I decided to follow him and crept up the fence and stalked uphill along the edge of the wood. Getting to the top of the slope I could see him just 80m away having supper in a grass field with a couple of ladies, nice clean shot, prone, side on, good stuff Federal V-shock!

    My new knife is a real find. Stainless steel, folding stanley type knife. 5.99 with a set of spare blades. It's sharp as scalpel and did a great job of the gralloch - cleans up well in the dishwasher too and won't go blunt while B+Q sells blades. On reflection I might try some of those lino-hook blades for "unzipping" but the normal ones are fine. Always wanted a fancy knife but I don't think I''ll be bothering now. Picked a up a second one in B+Q on the way back from work.

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    Thanx for a great write up, good news about your knife bazil

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCBO View Post
    IS this the type knife you are referring to:

    Yes it is, but mine is all steel so the dishwasher won't damage it.

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    I can't imagine doing any big game with one... but it is better than nothing and certainly preferable to using too small a caliber...


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    Try it - it's like a razor.
    People did this with flints once upon a time

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