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Thread: Hi from the Fen's

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    Hi from the Fen's

    Hi all. Have a number of shotguns/rifles/air rifles. Shoot pigeons, Rooks/Crows, Geese, Ducks, Rabbits, Fox's, Munty's, Roe Deer, Game in Season!
    4 gundog's which i use for picking-up on a couple of estates as well as shooting in 2 syndicates.
    Now 61 & retired for 10 years then in Oct 12 was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer Had Robotic Prostectomy to remove the little ****. Now 98% back to normal & did over 50 days this season picking-up & shooting.
    Look forward to contributing.


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    Welcome, and good health!
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    Welcome Fenman, hope you enjoy the site and good on you for getting back to a bit of hunting and good health.

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    Welcome to the site. Glad you're enjoying retirement now all is good. One question is a Robotic Prostectomy exactly what it sounds like?

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodmaster View Post
    Welcome to the site. Glad you're enjoying retirement now all is good. One question is a Robotic Prostectomy exactly what it sounds like?
    Hi woodmaster, keyhole surgery using robots. Surgeon at computer control panel next door or any where in the world! My op at Addenbrooks Cambs took 5.5h, home in 24h recovery was around 3 months for me but everybody in different. I am one of the lucky one's GOT IT EARLY & confined in the Prostate.

    PROSTATE CANCER IS THE BIGGEST KILLER OF MEN. It can strike at any time from 40 to 80 & although the PSA blood test (Prostate Specific Antigen) is not the most reliable its the best diagnosis we have now. It turned out, the biopsy of my Prostate contained 35% cancer. Although slow growing he would of given me 5 years max. That sharpens your mind!!!!!!

    SORRY to go on a bit but if scares you into getting your blood checked it could save your life, you ow it to the family! (its your right to have /insist on this test)

    A very good website to find out more is "Prostate Cancer UK" Forum. They helped me out with my many questions in the early stages as most have been there & got the tee shirt!

    Please PM me if i can help anyone.

    Thanks All, fenman99

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    Welcome to the site fenman. Well done on the recovery and no harm in making others aware - you'll see plenty of things on the forum which are not necessarily stalking but hopefully mostly of interest. Retirement's some way off for me but nice to know some are making the most of it! ATB Foss

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    hello fenman 99 good that you are back to normal.a fellow fenman

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    Hiya fenman99 welcome to SD you live in a very nice part of the country I got my chocolate cocker from your way, hope you enjoy SD bazil

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    Welcome. Hope you find the site useful, I certainly do

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