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Thread: Cz452, Brno mod2 safety

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    Cz452, Brno mod2 safety

    The safety's on the Brno and the newer cz452 all pull back to fire, opposite to most centre fires. Looking at it, you could either add another thumb piece on the left hand side to make it push to fire (like a left hand safety on right hand Mauser) or it could be re welded and recut so it blocked the firing pin when pulled back.

    But has any body seen a Brno modified with a safety that works the right way round. Browsing the inter web I gather that brownells used to sell one but no more.

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    some serious re-engineering required

    the safety rotates a disc that is directly attached to the safety "switch" (no hinge point or lever to reverse to change direction)

    do-able but not sure it would be worth the effort

    I just live with mine but have stiffened it up considerably.
    no way it can get knocked off/on now

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    I have had a good look at mine now and I think there is a way - it involves a little bit of welding and some filing but doable!

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    I have one of the after market ones and used it on my first few CZ's, unfortunately it doesn't work well with my Timney
    trigger on my present one, so not using it at the moment. I got it secondhand from the states for far to much money and
    found that it has been played with slightly, probably why it doesn't work with a very finely set trigger.


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