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Thread: Mauser 22rf- I want one

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    Mauser 22rf- I want one

    Have a look:

    Whats not to like?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20 View Post

    Whats not to like?
    just guessing but I'd probably not like the price, lol.

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    Wow - now that is nice.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Had it been in 22 Hornet I might have been interested.


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    What a beautiful rifle I fear I'd have to sell everything else I own to afford it though lol
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    That is stunning, the nicest looking rifle or any calibre I have seen for a while.
    I sort of agree with K though, be even nicer in 22 hornet, although I have been thinning lately that a really nice .22lr
    would be nice. Mainly I suppose because on my shoot I seem to use one so much these days, noise is the main reason.
    I can use a C/F for rabbits and fox, but I don't have many of either, so actually only taking shots that are inside 60 yards
    means I still actually have something to shoot, and for that I could get away with just the .22lr. I do still use the .22 Hornet
    and and the .223, but no more than once a fortnight for each, from April to November, and then it is fox only, and only if 150
    yards or more, or I just won't have anything left to shoot


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    That really is a piece of art. Stunning work.

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    I wonder what kind of 50m groups it turns in.


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    That is beautiful, what is the ball park figure for one of these, I suspect at least one kidney regards sbm

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