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Thread: FAC and SGC a right or privilidge

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    FAC and SGC a right or privilidge

    The US has a right to bear arms, the UK did 400 years ago but then swords, spears etc. were the norm.
    Do you regard your FAC or SGC to be a right or a privilege?

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    We do technically have a right to bear arms but the goverment has trampled all over it , technically yes it's a right but in practice a privilege

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    An interesting question.
    The words '...shall be granted...' in the Act suggest that having shown (to different degrees for SGC and FAC, admittedly) good reason to possess and the ability to possess the firearm/s without risk to the public, that there is an entitlement to be granted the certificate.

    Indeed, why are these things called 'certificate' rather than 'licence'?
    My suspicion is that the folk who drafted the Act in 1920 were aware that British subjects have authority under common law/Bill of Rights to possess arms. The 'certificate' therefore is a document certifying that the holder is a fit person to exercise that right, and not a 'licence' which gives permission to do so.
    Does that make any kind of sense?

    The old 'Gun Licence' (1870 Act) did indeed give permission to carry a gun outside the curtiledge of the owner's dwelling-house. No restriction on purchase or possession resulted, and AFAIK, there were numenrous exemptions for Game-licence holders, vermin-shooters and so on.

    Jimbo is more succinct:
    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo1984 View Post
    We do technically have a right to bear arms but the goverment has trampled all over it , technically yes it's a right but in practice a privilege
    but I must say that I have never felt it a priveledge to have FAC or SGC. If it is indeed a priveledge in practice, then the blame for that should probably be shared among any shooters and FLD-employees who behave as if it were.
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    It is a right, provided that you satisfy certain criteria. Just like a driving licence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virbius View Post
    It is a right, provided that you satisfy certain criteria. Just like a driving licence.
    My understanding is that a driving licence is not a good comparison.
    There is no basic 'right' to drive motor vehicle on the highway. It is an activity prohibited except to those who hold a licence, or document permitting that activity.
    I think that although on the face of it it looks very similar, the Firearms Act with its certificates is taking account of a basic right to possess arms.

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    totally different concept,
    we are authorised to possess firearms and shotguns
    for target and sporting shooting,
    NOT as an armed militia, which was the norm
    in the USA ( 2nd ammendment)(now slowly being eroded)

    I think only highlanders and sikhs can now bear arms
    when in national costume

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    Be it a Subjectís right or not, I take the view of being fortunate to have been granted an FAC and most certainly privileged to deploy those firearms allowed for therein in pursuance of my passion for hunting with a rifle.


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    I was always lead to believe (possibly misguidedly) that it was a statutory right to own a shotgun in this country provided there was no reason or justification not to..... and that it was for the authorities to prove if you were not deemed suitable?
    not so the case with FAC's though.
    I may well be proved wrong (yes, it does happen albeit very infrequently)
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    I feel I am lucky and privileged to have the means and opportunity to hold firearms and be involved with Deer Stalking/Management in the way that I am.

    For me this is where privilege ends and rights begin. Provided I behave myself and there is no increased threat to the public by me holding firearms then I have every right to be granted whatever I ask for within reason.

    I don't get the attitude some certificate holders have where they think they have to brown nose their local licensing clerk. Be polite and helpful but also know the law, what you are entitled to and stick to your guns when you need to (scuse the pun).

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    I agree that it is a right, albeit one subject to stringent conditions. I suspect that the authorities would much prefer it to be deemed to be a privilege.

    atb Tim

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