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Thread: new trigger

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    new trigger

    hi everyone. Some advice needed my accuracey with .243 remington not as good as it was
    Did have some camo tape up the barrel but have now removed as was told that remington 700
    has a floating barrel. Ive tested my trigger and it break,s at 4lb 10oz. is this a factor. when out with
    the .22 or the .17 my shooting is fine. has anyone heard of a timney trigger.
    Thanks for any help Stephen.

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    Has there been a deterioration of accuracy with this particular rifle Combo? Ie it used to be better but now it's worse....

    if so has anything about the Combo been changed?
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    The factory setting on my Remington was nearly double that, what are you complaining about.

    Have you see the thread on the Remington trigger recall Tonto? It may be a worth while holding off for a while if your rifle is one of the affected ones.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi Mike.
    Yes this combo was shooting much better. the rifle and scope leupold did have a bang but i think that just put some doubt in my mind. also the camo tape up the barrel and stock i think did alter the barrel harmonics? going now to reload some rounds and get more practise.
    Thanks stephen.

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    Check all your stock bolts, mounts and bases are still tight and not working loose. If you have a moderator, make sure that is not working loose in between shots. I have in the past had camo tape on the moderator, but this did not affect the grouping. It may affect it to a small degree if you are putting it the full length of your barrel if it is a lightweight sporter type barrel, but not likely to make a great deal of difference on a heavier barrel I wouldnt think. Youll be surprised to hear I have a Timney trigger !! Very good triggers with a wide blade, mine is set to break at just over 2lbs, but some would argue the Arnold Jewell are a better option with more adjustability.

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    How about copper fouling? Have you performed a gentle cleaning for copper removal?

    A 5 pound trigger pull is not a problem, in itself. Probably too many shooters set their triggers too light as a cover up resolving their trigger control issues.

    The Timney is a good trigger, and very easy to install yourself. The older Remington triggers are not difficult to adjust in several ways, and stay set for years, without any Loctite or such. Which factory trigger do you have?

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    I forgot to mention to check the crown of the barrel is not recently damaged as this can also throw your grouping.

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    Thanks for all the advice. going to spend some time shooting a lot more rounds and see how it goes.
    Regards Stephen.

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