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Thread: R93 vs R8

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    R93 vs R8

    Hi Guys,

    One for the Blaser fans - whats the difference between the standard r93 and the standard r8? Really considering chopping in remmy for one

    Cheers BB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigboab29 View Post
    Hi Guys,

    One for the Blaser fans - whats the difference between the standard r93 and the standard r8? Really considering chopping in remmy for one

    Cheers BB
    I should sell the Remmy rather than chop it up....

    The main difference I think is the removeable trigger and magazine unit of the R8. The R93 is top loading only.

    The other mechanical design difference that I have noticed is that the bolt collet end shoulder is at right angles on the R8 and about 45 degrees on the R93.

    Others with more knowledge will chip in I am sure...

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    As Alan says the R8 has a magazine and the R93 has an internal top loading magazine. The R93 and R8 barrels are different and can't be interchanged between the two models.

    Within the R8 range the R8 success with the thumbhole stock has a different trigger and magazine to the standard R8's in order to fit the profile of the thumbhole stock.

    Also if your local dealer haven't got the R93 in stock and has to order it in the new RRP isn't that far off the R8 I think a few 100 Quid difference.

    Moving over to a blaser is worth doing, Barrel's are choked at the muzzle end it's a very accurate and well balanced rifle and doesn't seam to be fussy on ammo.

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    Primarily the the detachable magazine and trigger unit and refined proportions. Having had both I have a slight preference for the ergonomics of the R8.

    atb Tim

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    I have only handled a R8 at my RFD and never shot one but in the end I went for the R93 as couldn't really justify the extra money for the R8. I had always been used to detachable mags. but soon got used to the R93 system and it presents no issues for me whatsoever. I purchased my R93 in 243, lovely to use, very accurate and certainly a quality rifle. There is no adjustable trigger but again no issue as the standard set up is spot on for me. The best bit, and akin to both the R8 and the R93 is the cocking lever, its either ready to fire or totally safe.

    I paid 1595 for my R93 from Swillington a few months ago and it was with my RFD the day after purchase!



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    I opted for the R8 over the R93 because I liked the detachable mag
    and didn't want to go 93 and then wished I had gone R8
    As Thomas states you also have the added bonus that the trigger is not
    live at all untill the safety is pushed fully forward
    I love mine and can't see me ever parting with it light to carry and
    shoots like a dream
    regards pete

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    A s Pete says top piece of kit cant fault the R8 ATB Steve

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    Thanks guys, any idea of the best places to try for a decent price? best i had so far was at swilington and it was 2250 for r93 black or 2040 for r93 synthetic with saddle mount.

    Was your rifle brand new at 1595 thomas?

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    Try the countryman of Derby I think he has a couple in at 1799 synthetic and 1999 with Gd4 wood stock.


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    Here you go found this on you tube, comparison between the R93 and R8 goes through all of the differences.


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