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Thread: Wild Boar on Five now.

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    Wild Boar on Five now.

    Crackin' program about wild boar on channel Five right now.

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    One of the best things on telly for a fairly long time, pretty well balanced & informative commentary, EXCEPT for the constant reference to shooting, I thought it was a little anti sporting control.

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    Along with the repetetive references to illegal hunters and guns. Apparently hunting them is illegal at the moment; I'd better get boar taken off of my firearms then!!

    He would like to see them controlled but not by hunting???? What does he think is going to happen to them? Ship them off to retirement homes with nice pensions, tit.

    Lots of great footage though

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    Thanks for the tip great programe until the end when they took the chance to lump illegal poaching and legitmate hunters into one pot and give them a verbal kicking, while playing apealing shots of Wild boar.

    Perhaps they should have gone to Europe and note that the hunters just about amanage the Wild Boar without outside help.

    I hope that BASC and other shooting bodies will seek to addres the balance

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    As Sus Scrofa said, some real good footage, some of it was in Germany too, did you notice the more relaxed script over there, but when they got into the English countryside, instant transformation to "WEREBOAR", a veiled leaning to us here not being capable of control through legal sporting means.

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    what was the programme called? I'll watch out for the repeat.

    BTW does anyone know what the proper name for a wild boar is?

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    Rogue Raiders: Wild Boar. It was channel 5. The bigger question is how do you get to see it!

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    Not available on Five on demand

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