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Thread: New EU Firearms Laws

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    New EU Firearms Laws

    A note posted on another forum today that should be brought to your attention simply as a matter of interest. I hope the original OP doesn't object. I believe (but may be wrong) this relates back to the recent EU questionaire that many of us filled and returned. Cheers, ATB

    'Are you aware that Cecilia Malmstrom claimed that the results of the EU Firearms legislation Survey were not representative? In other words, she didn't get the response that she expected or wanted. A group of shooters recently lodged a complaint about her with the new EU Ombudsman, Ms. Emily O'Reilly.

    Ms. O'Reilly was formerly the Ombudsman in Ireland - not popular with the politicians or civil servants because she was too efficient for their liking. Everyone else knows that she was doing her job in an honest and decent way. She is already au fait with firearms licensing difficulties and the propaganda tactics used by officialdom, because many complaints about Police (Garda) behaviour landed on her desk here in Ireland'.

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    Emily O'Reilly was a bit of a thorn in the side of the last Fianna Fail government. Former journalist and broadcaster, very much believes in transparent government with nothing to hide. Was very much behind greater freedom of information from government agencies. Doesn't like unnecessary bureaucracy! Ideal for EU!!

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