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Thread: Venison & ale pie

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    Venison & ale pie

    Hello all i thought i'd share with you my Venison & ale pie recipe I recently made , last week the wife bought a family size steak pie for just shy of 8 being the skinflint i am and my OCD telling me i can do better with venison I had a go.

    This what i did and ingredients i used to make one 10" pie & a smaller 6" in one go.

    2lbs cubed venison
    1.5lbs kidney in good size chunks
    finely dice 3 large carrots and 3 stalks of celery
    quarter 8 golf ball size onions
    1 leek (i am welsh)
    can of ale or stout i used 1 can of Murphys
    2 bay leaves
    salt pepper to taste
    venison stock ( made from bones)
    1 pack of ready made short crust pastry

    Hard fry / well brown 2lbs of cubed venison then coat with seasoned flour
    fry off diced carrots , celery,leeks & onion
    add the meat & kidney cooked veg to either a slow cooker , pressure cooker or large pan add the ale bay leaves venison stock and cook until meat is tender(i used a pressure cooker and it took 30 mins)

    Once cooked drain off all liquid then set meat & veg aside
    season to taste then thicken the remaining juice /stock with cornflour until like thick custard
    add meat & veg to thickened stock and set aside to cool off ( i used my chiller with a fan blowing onto the meat and it didnt take long)

    role out 1/2 the pastry into the tins and blind bake ( i egg washed the pastry in tins and this seemed to seal it )
    once pastry is baked add the cooled venison veg gravy mixture and put on the crust

    egg wash the top of the pie and cut an X in center to let off steam , i baked mine in medium oven for 30-35 mins and it turned out even better than i expected , it is even good cold the pastry stayed nice and dry not soggy .

    hope you enjoy ......neil
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    Looks lush! Bookmarked!

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    Give this one a try. Sound lovely. Thanks, John

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    top recipe!

    have also been experimenting with venison pie - the only thing I might add is that ale and stout gave me quite different results.

    Wife explained that as both venison & Guinness have (apparently) high levels of iron, when I paired them up I got a meat pie with a 'metallic' taste to it. Flipping over to bitter softened the meat taste up a treat....


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