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Thread: Browning X bolt in 30-06

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    Browning X bolt in 30-06

    Hi All

    Does anyone have an X bolt in 30-06 I'm awaiting my variation to come back and then I'm considering buying one as a light weight stalking rifle.

    Kind regards

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    The X-bolt is a very good rifle, cant fault it, well made, functional and the price isnt bad either. Got one coming to try out, might even keep it for a guest rifle.

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    Purchased one at the CLA in 243, very good rifle


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    Thank you, Im glad your finding them ok, Ive bought one now and its sitting at my local RFD awaiting my collection as soon as I get my variation through.

    I hope its not going to have too much recoil as its a light rifle, however I'm going to put a moderator on it and see how we go.

    Thanks for your comments

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    I've always liked the A Bolt , a lot of rifle for the money .

    These days of big heavy scopes , bipods and moderators , a rifle can not be to light in my opinion . A 56 mm scope , bipod and moderator soon add more than 1 kg ( 2 pounds ) to the complete package .

    Once the package is around or over 4 kg it becomes heavy .

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    x bolt

    Hi ive recently part x my czs for x bolts in .223/.243 & just got my 30-06 last week. Im very happy with the .223 & .243 rifles, ive only put a few rounds through the 30-06 & im very happy with it.It has got a bit of a kick to it, but ive just got a 30 cal insert for my mod so will be putting a few more rounds through.Overall im very happy with all of them

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    Just purchase a x bolt myself in 30 06, must say im very pleased with it, havent shot a deer with it yet, but have put a few on paper with it, using factory ammo, 150g sp, an its pretty accurate, i have a ase utra north star on the end, to be honest the recoil isnt that much different to my ,243's, ( i was looking for a bit more of a kick)

    so overall well pleased at the moment

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    Thanks for that, its put my mind at ease to be honest, I hopeing to have my Cert back this week and the rifle is sat in my local RFD, however I was concerned due to its lightness that it might be a bit kicky as I had a 30-06 before admittantly without a mod on it.

    Ive just ordered a 14.1 ASE ultra compact for it as I didnt know what a Northstar would be like so Ive stuck with what I know. I currently use a thumbhole stocked 7mm Rem Mag without a mod and its very smooth to shoot as its a pushy round not a head banger so as much as I like it Im looking forward to the 30-06 now.

    Thanks for your input.


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    you wont be dissappointed very comfortable to shoot

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    Have just got an Xbolt and am very pleased with it (mine's 243 like Malc's).

    Stainless & synthetic and have put a JetZ compact on. If you don't want a mod on and are worried about recoil with 30.06 maybe go for a muzzle brake, only adds 1.5" and helps you keep the sight picture??

    I think list prices are around 825 but paid 700 for mine.


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