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Thread: maybe a gift horse ??

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    maybe a gift horse ??

    about half five this afternoon one of the old crofters came to the house and told me a wee doggy was running about the road and he picked it up , a friendly wee thing . knowing I used to have a dog he came to me and asked if I could find its owner ,...

    Its a wee black terrier and in very good shape a very well trained and well mannered wee thing so I have fed it, kept it kind of in the utility room and called police to find its owner.

    Sitting just now watching something on the tell taking a night off from the lamp and the little bugger gave a couple of yaps so I thought I would let him out , took the torch out and low and behold what passes the lamp but a bloody fox lol, I don't shoot here so no point rushing for the gun or anything but I am well impressed .....

    Now I know this wee doggy is someones little prize possession, maybe a young keepers or something it is a well trained well looked after wee bugger and it be a shame for it to go to a kennel I would rather keep it myself.

    So if any of you have any contacts with keepers in the Whitebridge area can you find out if they have lost a dog .. Black terrier, white breast and tipped paws and tail, maybe a year and a half old. Good wee fox terrier. Let them know I have it

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    See if it has been micro chipped, that might get it back to the owner.

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    it went back to owner this morning

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