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Thread: Poachers in North Yorkshire

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    Poachers in North Yorkshire

    Hi all I was out lamping the other night in scarborough when going down a farm track I found a black range rover parked up with know one inside at 3.00am I parked up at my lamping destination a short way down the track and was chatting to my lamping buddy about how strange it was when I spotted someone in the bushes he realised he had been spotted and came towards in full camo with a cased gun over his shoulder me saying he was lost and looking for his friends that were camping anyway I told him to leave and he did. The police pulled him over that night and found him to be drunk with a boot full of pheasants and a air gun had anyone else had any issues in the area ? Savage

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    No - but hats off to the man. I was never that good with an air rifle anyway and shooting one pissed must take exceptional skill.......................

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    No - but hats off to the man. I was never that good with an air rifle anyway and shooting one pissed must take exceptional skill.......................

    would you still say that, if this chap was on your patch Apache
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    There's a lot of poaching going on around this area. A few spots I go you can see were there just going straight across fields. Thought we'd got them one night but just disappeared. There either very brave or very stupid driving across drilled fields. When they can so easily get stuck.

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    Unfortunately you get it. I control deer on an estate that is within easy reach of scarborough and I have seen the result of what happens re poachers. Long dogs chase the hare round us and vans move on quickly when someone appears. I have long since been resigned to accepting there is jack all that can be done. Sad but there we are.

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    ive reported poaching scum with lurchers and gave the reg of the van involved but the police came the farmer said 2 to 3 hours after he rang em .ive even reported a ford ranger with two lurchers on a local farm with no number plate.dont seem like theres any resources for poaching unless theres bad publicity involved

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    there not bothered they drive to a likely spot throw two dogs out with ,a cple lads tell them which way to go and the driver just goes and parks up ,if anyone comes hes avin a pee, on your way ,phones his mates nips round and picks em up then off home to oil the quad bike and feed the dogs police cant be arsed anymore, and most of there vehicles are stolen just for that night anyway

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    was out tonight with a friend who's bought a thermal imager he was watching what he thought were three deer .
    to confirm this I went into back of the car for my lamp as light came on in car the deer flead normally deer are not bothered even when you put a lamp on them. I recon poaching is rife everywhere .
    Does not help when news reports say deer are becoming pests this seems to make police etc even more apathtic

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    Well atleast the police got this poacher although I think he has been charged with poaching just the drink driving.

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    Easy to charge him with that but they could have had him for trespass with an air weapon and taking game out of season on top as well as the possibility ,if he was using a torch to illuminate his target .yet another offence

    Makes me very angry when things like this aren't followed through.I've spent hours and hours in the freezing cold waiting for poachers year in year out once the leaves were off the trees and I can still remember gangs coming into woods and virtually cleaning them out of pheasants using silenced .410s.

    It sounds like after a lull poaching is once more on the up.
    Not good at all
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