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Thread: Another head shot

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    Another head shot

    Firstly i have shot my fair share of Park Red and Fallow all of which had to be head shot i use a .25-06 and 75gr V-Max solely for this ONLY
    Back to my story, just at the the start of the Fallow Rut i wanted to take this animal it seemed a easy task as its habits was to come into a large grass field and rut away from the wood. A early October evening i put a German friend in a highseat with my .300 Win-Mag loaded with 185gr Lapua Mega ( rifle was on his EFP ) whilst i got into the hedge bottom with my Dog and armed with my .25-06 loaded with 120gr Partitions
    About a hour passed when 7-8 Doe's came out followed by a Pricket then some ten minutes later the Buck we was after. The Buck was approx 80yrd from us looking in our direction thinking my friend would wait for it to turn broadside i jumped and was shocked when he fired.
    The buck dropped in a heap the other deer ran into the wood, the Buck started jumping about like a head shot rabbit then jumped up ran towards us stopped shook its head and slowly walked like it was drunk towards the wood quickly i found it in my scope and put a 120gr Partition into its shoulder again it dropped but again got up but thankfully only to drop dead. So what had happened was my friend knowing how accurate my .300 and had shot several deer with it over the years went for a Neck shot as the buck was rutting lowered its head to gore the ground. Hard to believe but a 185gr Mega went through the scull out in front of the neck and never killed it. Just goes to show no matter how accurate we and our Rifles are shooting Live animal carrys a risk

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    Rutting fallow bucks are all pumped up too ! With very thick necks ! I'm not going to preach what is or isn't a good shot to take but nothing Suprises me with deer anymore you think you've a near perfect shot only to see them run 50 yards or more Norma

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    How much more in the head dose it need to be to kill , it your friend must of been in disbelief

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    Quote Originally Posted by berg View Post
    How much more in the head dose it need to be to kill , it your friend must of been in disbelief
    A inch higher and the bullet would have passed through the brain. But do to the angle the bullet passed in front and down also missing the neck. I have been very lucky in my time to have shot a lot of Deer but witnessing that shot totally shocked me and my friend to this day has never tempted a neck shot again

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