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Thread: FAC THEOBEN RAPID 7 pellet advice

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    FAC THEOBEN RAPID 7 pellet advice

    Hi I know this isn't an air rifle forum but seeing as the Fallow season is closing for a few months and there's a surplus of rabbits on the farms I shoot on , I decided to go back to my shooting roots and bought an FAC air rifle .They have changed a bit in the 30 years since I bought my HW77 . As the title of the post suggests I have purchased a 30ftlb rapid 7 only problem is I am struggling to get the right pellet , I did have a couple of tins of the old style Bisley magnums which were perfect and clover leaf at 50yrds but when I bought a new tin from my local gun shop I found Bisley have changed the design of the pellet and I cant get better than an inch group with it . I have also tried Air Arms heavy field Diablo and they don't group very well in the rifle either .I have been told by several people that I need a heavier pellet as the power of the FAC will distort lighter pellets and this appears to be born out by a 3 inch group with eley wasp and Bisley practice at only 40 yrds .

    Any sensible advice appreciated

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    sorry landy same here bisleys are the ones i use, not to clued up on pellets but ithink theres a cple of different bisleys?

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    Rapid 7 barrels are very fussy pellet wise.
    .22 pellets come in 5.55 and 5.56 size. You need 5.56 (in my experience)

    edit:should read 5.51 and 5.52
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    i used biz mags on my rapid mkII at 30 ftlb and when i went to 40ftlb i kept the same ones.

    sad to here thay have changed the pellet shap etc?

    very good pellet.

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    Bis Mags or Barracudas should go well in the Rapid.
    The barrels are fussy, some will stablise 16 grain JSB exacts some will not, it is the luck of the draw with each barrel.
    I have a FAC mark 2 Rapid which originally had the factory Anschutz 19" barrel which would not stablise 16 grain JSB exacts 5.52. So I bought a BSA 19" barrel which does.
    I use 16 grain pellets as the trajectory is better than the 20grain Bis mags or Barracudas.
    You can ask the same question on the rapid7 forum to get a better opinion.
    FWIW 30ftlbs is plenty in a Rapid.

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    Webley accu pel work well for me in a 12ft theoben

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    Get a selection, I think there is a firm advertised that supply pel-pax, which is a variety of different pellets, try them all. My Air Arms likes Air arms pellets but is pretty rubbish with everything else.

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    Pm me your address i will send you some down to try, i also run a mk2 @30ftlb tried a few pellets but settled on the AA16gr.

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    I would suggest trying the FAC Defiant pellets, I use them in my rifle and they are as accurate as you could want


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    Is it a 16 or 19 inch barrel mate?

    With a bit of polishing most rapid barrels can be sorted to be less pellet fussy.

    I had a 16" barrel on my factory FAC that was good with 16gr FX and AA field, along with bis mags. Then I had to change it to 19" to accommodate a larger 500cc buddy bottle + mod and it only likes bis mags now, although it is still pellet on pellet accurate,

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