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Thread: Quick Release rings

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    Quick Release rings

    I'm looking to fit some quick release rings onto a picatinny rail. Has any body had any problems with the leopold ones?

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    Nope. I use them on the TRG. Hold the 200yd zero fine. Scope comes off each time to fit in safe, fitted when taken out, never needed to adjust zero yet (assuming same loads etc)

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    Yes. I changed from standard Optilock mounts to a Picatinny rail and QR rings on my Sako. I wish that I had stuck to the Optilocks as one ring came loose last year on a stalk and I ended up grazing a deer.
    I am no longer a fan of QR Leupold rings. I would however use Leupold non QR rings in the future.
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    I mostly use Warne steel QR rings on their bases or 1913 rail and they work great. I seem to be able to feel them tighten up and set.

    I used some Leupold 30mm QRW rings on the Leupold slot bases on a Win M70 Express .375 H&H, no problem, back to zero. They are flat on the sides.

    A key with both of them is resetting the levers to a neutral position after you get then settled the first time. and maybe a little witness mark, to check yourself for fully tightening. Also, you want to have both cross bars up tight against the front of the slot.

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    Another one for the Warne QD mounts. I used them on my Styre and had no problem with wandering.
    I used the stainless ones.

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    +1 for the Warne. I have them on a. 308.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    I have both Warne and Leupold, never had a problem with either. As stated above just make sure they're pushed forward in the usual notch before tightening.

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    I bought some Recknagels "poly lever" qr's from Alan Rhone - very impressed with those. Bought a pair of the 5mm's and then changed the TET rail on the 595 .17Rem to an EGW which is longer so I had to go up to the 9mm high Recks to clear the eyepiece and objective and there wasn't even the faintest mark on the Z6i tube which to me is always a sign of a quality mount. Next day delivery and a good choice of heights too.

    The Z6i gets swapped for a DronePro come the dark and I've never noticed a variation in zero


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