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Thread: Hello from somerset...

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    Hello from somerset...

    I've been reading posts on the stalking directory for a long time now and I thought it was about time to join in. I've had my firearms licence for just coming up to 10 years. I do a fair bit of shooting when I can. It makes a nice change from the day job. Shooting wise I do most things, rabbit, fox, deer etc... I did my DSC 4 years ago now and I'm lucky enough to have a fair bit of land with Roe on it... Rifle wise I've got .22 rim, 17hmr, .223, .243 and 308 I've run out of space and money now!

    Hope I can contribute to the forum and post some interesting stuff for other.

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    Welcome to the site Shobbers.

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    Welcome to the site from an ex Somerset 'boy'.
    As soon as I see Somerset I am always interested, as where I came from originally was a wonderful Deer area as far back as the fifties and wonder who has it now.
    I have been back once or twice but see some of the woods I shot are now gated and fenced with big signs up forbidding entry.
    Some of the wooded areas are now felled and are housing estates as are some of the large orchards.
    I see in your avator that you are located in the United Kingdom, not a lot of help if anybody decides to offer you any help at a later date, particularly when swopping, showing or selling gear.
    Enjoy the site, I'm sure we will all look forward to some of your post/exploits.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome mate, whereabouts in Somerset?

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    I'm just outside Bridgwater... Been down here for 30+ years. I was originally a "Kentish lad" but that was when I was back in short short

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