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    help please

    I am training my 9 month ESS pup and has developed a fault. If I throw a dummy out he will retrieve it faultlessly but if I throw another one out when he is coming back to me; he will then drop the one he is retrieving and stop and look at me. He does not go to retrieve the one I have thrown to distract him, but stopping and dropping is a fault. He even does it if I drop a dummy out of my hands when he is coming back to me.
    Any tips please ?

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    Yes. stop doing it. You are far too advanced in your training and just confusing him.You are developing this fault not him and he is considering this as a punishment.Make it fun to bring a dummy back to you.

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    Agree with Kit, you are developing the fault. Go back to basic training for 2 weeks with the dummy retrieves then move onto ''someone else throwing the dummy'' they can stand 20m away from you, when the pup is on the return retrieve let the person throw the dummy and you give the pup extra encouragement, make sure the pup is no more than 2m away from you on the return when you start this then gradually further the distance. Good luck.

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    Thanks guys, I would never blame the dog, rather like blaming the rifle for missing
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    Why not try some thing else

    cast your dog out
    then recall it
    as it get's near throw a dummy over it's head

    it should stop and watch the dummy fly over but still encourage it to keep coming back to after praising it with word for stopping for the watched dummy
    do this a few times till confident
    then when happy
    throw a dummy
    send it for the retrieve
    on coming back to you then throw a dummy over it's head
    then encourage it to keep bringing the already retrieved dummy to you
    it's all about routine

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    I think I would stop doing it. Don't drop or throw anything for a while during retrieves and I would do some steadiness excercises. Sit and stay the dog in a field and throw dummy's all over the place not letting him move. If he moves, tell him to stay and put him back on the spot that he moved from. I tend to work round the dog in a circle, starting so that I am always between the dog and the direction of throw, and gradually bringing it round so that I'm throwing them over his head. I'm not saying that this will cure the problem that you're having with him, but it'll desensitise him to thrown dummies a bit. Overly praise him on return with retrieves and hopefully his mind will become more focused and it'll cease to be a problem. I would also make him walk to heel carrying a dummy, periodically stopping to take it from him and give it back. He'll soon learn that he doesn't let go until you give the command.
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    Dog on lead at heel then drop a dummy behind you.
    Walk another 30 yards then turn around and throw your dummy as usual.
    Allow dog to retrieve then cast it 'back' using a hand command to allow it to retrieve the previously dropped dummy.

    ALternative, once your dog is totally steady to direction commands, is have someone else throw two dummys away then send the dog for the first one then send it back for the second. You can alternate which one first later.

    Personally I think you're expecting too much too soon from a 9 month dog although I respect all dogs are different.
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