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Thread: Leupold M8 6x42 Scope.

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    Leupold M8 6x42 Scope.

    Hiya, This is my Leupold M8 6x42 scope, its in decent used condition, with some marks etc, but nothing at all untoward. It has a very slight mark on the 42 mm lens, but this cannot be seen at all when looking through the scope. Please look at the pics and make your mind up. I'm only selling as I just bought a Meopta 7x50 for my 243, and the 6x42 scope off that ( Another Meopta) is going on my .22 RF, hence this is no longer needed. It will be boxed, tho not in the original box. No idea of age, but there is the serial number for anyone that can trace it..This will be posted recorded, and insured,.

    Price is 100 plus Post of your choice.

    Thanks for looking.
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    The W at the start of the serial number means it's a 1989 manufactured scope

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    Nice one, Thanks for's in superb nick then for a 25 year old scope...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norrie1956 View Post
    Nice one, Thanks for's in superb nick then for a 25 year old scope...
    Made when stuff was made properly

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    Yep, agree totally, but the age might be putting folks off, so thought, a wee reduction in price..... I had it for almost 5 years, firstly on my Remy 243, then the .22lr...but, I do like my Meoptas more...

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    I've got a 1982 10x M8 on my .243 in mint condition and I can't fault it superb quality for something older than me!

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    I have had a few of these and had no complaints. Usually send them back to Leupold for a No. 1 reticle for low light shooring. There was a time you could get a Leupold Mark 4, M3 in 6X but no more


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    Few problems with No1 reticle, the reason why they are not very popular anymore.
    One is that the rifle gets zeroed with the absolute tip of the post. At low light one does not see the absolute tip and uses the slightly fatter part below and shoots ~3" high, at running game one uses not the tip but the slightly fatter below...also 3-4" high.
    Messed up enough shots with a No1. Try hold over on a 200yd crow.... I would not advise a No. 1 to anyone.
    ps, I prefer a self centring crosshair like a plex, don't seem to have problems at lowest light with them. meaning a crosshair that has the same weight all around (like the plex or No.8) automatically centres when thing have to go fast.
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    Gawd, I'm learning all the time... Good info there...

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