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Thread: Rifle Sling?

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    Rifle Sling?

    Can anyone recommend a rifle sling that's tried & tested. Mine is wearing out & showing a few weak spots.

    Any links to reasonable priced sites or Ebay as long as you have one on your own rifle thats stood the test of time.

    Thanks in advance.


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    If neoprene type is agreeable to you, we are selling the Z Aim sling on here at the moment.

    If something more traditional appeals ( and link with him declared ) then Dougster's leather work will outlive most owners and his canvas web slings are very hard to beat. Quality of all his work is first order.

    PS - I've used Z aim for a decade or more, its currently on my rifles, aside from my 22 which has a Dougster. Over that last decade, if I haven't used Z Aim, it's been a Dougster - so hope that meets your criteria!
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    I use all kinds of slings. I try to have the appropriate matching sling for all my military rifles. My K98 wears a new, unissued sling that I found, rolled up and tied in string. My Enflies all wear a matching dated canvas sling.

    I like to hunt with all of them, and older rifles, and I like to use iron sights whenever I can, so I shoot from offhand, sitting and kneeling, and when I can, I employ a sling to brace the rifle. So I want a sling which is quick to adjust, or to remove or attach, one where I can make a hasty sling, or a Whelen style where I can slip my left ( fore end ) arm through it like a cuff.

    If you wear a waxed cotton coat or some modern microfiber, you will find that a sling with some suede leather or spongy rubber padding will grip better and stay on the shoulder. If you walk a lot with the rifle over your shoulder, using binoculars, you should look for a 3-point or X-sling.

    I like some of the canvas and leather slings from England and Germany. They are light and handsome, and work well. I can take them off and put them into a coat pocket. Beretta sells some in tan and green which are much less expensive than the older names and very nice.

    Beretta also makes a synthetic fabric sling with a spongy pad, for their waterfowl shotguns, which works very well on my synthetic rifles. Rain does not bother it and it stays put.

    So you need more than one type, according to your hunting that day.

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