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Thread: Advice requested Carbon Fibre v Harris Bipod

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    Advice requested Carbon Fibre v Harris Bipod

    I had difficulty keeping up with a moving fox had to keep lifting and repositioning my Harris swivel Bipod.
    I looked on the Harris web site and there is a rotating adaptor available RBA-3 $76.93.
    Enquired at my Local gun shop he informed me of a new Carbon fibre swivelling rotating adaptor by Spartan position equipment price for 17cm x 24cm (6 ¾” x 9 ½”) £225. + £25 adaptor.
    Has anyone tried either the Rotating adaptor RBA-3 for my existing Harris ?
    Or the new all singing dancing Carbon Fibre Bipod ??

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    Now that looks good but at £225 + £25 is a little steep.

    Lots of good ideas with being able to take off easy for when using sticks and then 2 second later it can back on and placed on the ground (somthing i need a the moment but for for £250)

    Legs dont look that quick to deploy and lock (looks like its using the old twist lock system.

    If i was you and had the harris and wanted to add the swing in then go for the adaptor but if you want a all singing all dancing bipod and can afford it i would go for it. (also depending on model you could get £55-100 for you harris bipod)

    If it were me and they were about the £150 mark then i would have one but at £250 they can keep them for now as my pockets arnt that big and i dont have a harris bipod to sell etc.


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    Oh and just noticed it's a 6-9'' one which there for i would not by as i find them too low. For normal prone shooting i find a 9-13'' is the min i like.


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    To be specific, the Javelin bipod is inherently designed to swivel and the mounting plate is simply the means by which it attaches to the rifle.

    The main assets of the Javelin are its light weight, compact size and the ease with which it can be attached/detached. Though I like its looks too.

    Most of the time I use a pair of sticks, since these will steady me, or my binos, as well as my rifle, and so I rarely use a bipod. Nevertheless, I really appreciate having one when I need it, so the fact that the Javelin can be carried virtually unnoticed in a jacket or backpack pocket to be attached and deployed instantly means it fits the bill very well. It also tilts and swivels so you can follow your target.

    And if you have several rifles, it really is practical to fit each with a mounting plate and have just the one bipod -much more so than switching a Harris between rifles-, so the initial cost isn't as steep as it may seem.

    Obviously, if you already have a Harris, a swivel adapter will be a cheaper solution. I've not tried one, however, so I can't comment on its ease of use.
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    An interesting design but at £225 I think that I will be sticking to my Versapods.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Write to the Sporting Rifle journal. They are sure to conduct an unbiased review that will better inform your decision.


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    Met the guy who designed these last week and had a little go with his.
    They are very nice to use with loads of movement and provide a solid rest.
    The build quality is second to non as you would expect from a UK built product designed by an aircraft engineer.
    When I took them off the rifle (took no more than 2 seconds) I noticed no difference in weight.
    They are very light.
    My only concerns would be the likelihood of loosing or miss placing them as to my understanding they only go on the rifle when a shot is needed. The rest of the time the live in your pocket.
    I can understand the price given the materials and quality involved. These are a new produced and only made in small batches.
    I'm going to have a word with him to see if he can loan me a set for a full test and review. Fingers x

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    Hi Tc
    Thanks for that, I was under the opinion that it was a fixture on the rifle, you did say they are easily detached, are they likely to come detached by accident ? dragging through the bushes etc. You have reassured me on the build quality, if he allows you to test and in your valued oppinion it is a user friendly I will purchase this item.
    And Donate my Harris Bipod to my daughter she is yourger, fitter, but dinna tell anyone also a better shot.

    Thanks in advance Angus

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    Have you looked at atlas bipod's? I wouldn't be without mine, don't know how it would compare to the javelin but they are quick to deploy, easily adjustable legs and fits numerous rifles if you fit a rail to each taking a second or two to mount it. The build quality is certainly up there but again it comes at a cost. That said it's used on all my rifles so it's cheaper than fitting a Harris to each and in my opinion far superior..

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    I had a look at the carbon fibre ones at the Shooting Show, they looked exceptionally good but I thought at the time I would stick with my Harris B/P and not purchase an F1 car.

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