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Thread: Sky broadband any good?

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    Sky broadband any good?

    Hi Guys
    My phone and broadband contract with BT has just come to an end and I am looking around for a viable alternative rather than just renewing. I am quite happy with my existing broadbands performance although the area that I live in doesn't support a particularly fast down load speed from my exchange , With BT it is usually around 3.5mb but it is reliable and adequate for my needs.

    Phoning Bt gave the following prices to renew..... £15.99. Phone line rental ( per month)
    unlimited internet useage works out at .............£13.50. ( per month) Contract is 12 months

    however, I am using a home hub 3 wi-fi router, new members to BT's broadband get the latest home hub 4 and a half price contract at £8 a month (for 6 months) instead of £16 but are tied into an 18 month contract. My main gripe is that on renewal I cannot get an updated router, I have to continue using my existing one... If this fails I would apparently get a new home hub 3.

    As an existing Sky TV customer I am being offered an equivalent combined telephone and broadband package from sky for £15.95 a month line rental with an internet charge of just £3.75 per month on a 12 month contact... A saving of £10 a month!

    it looks a no brainier to switch, but looking online I have read quite a lot of complaints about the poor performance of sky's non fibre optic internet with many people stating that being previous BT customers, that they now wish that they had stayed with BT.

    if anybody is an existing sky broadband customer I would be very grateful for you views on its performance.... Especially if you have switched from BT.

    many thanks.

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    Paul. I regularly make poor decisions, but picking Sky broadband must rate as one of the worst I made last year. Worse than my chrono mistakes. Regards JCS

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    I always advise people to stay away from cheap 'bulk' broadband... it's ok whilst it works but when it doesn't (and it will almost certainly happen) the nightmare you will have trying to get it put right you would gladly pay any of the price savings you've made to avoid having to go through it again.

    The economics of these companies works on quantity, not quality. They can afford to p*ss you off and lose you as a customer. You are 0.0001% to them. For every one of you they lose there are another 10 signing up due to temptation of cheap prices.

    I depend on broadband for my job so it's a little bit different for me but I use Zen which is more expensive than many but the quality of service (in terms of support as well as network performance) makes it well worthwile. I have a web server running in my study at home with a higher uptime than even our dedicated web hosts for this site.


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    I went from sky to bt sky internet was useless.

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    We went from BT to Sky and not had a single issue... BT was sh*te
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    we are just in the process of changing from sky to virgin !! sky has to be the worst internet option in the uk. JMHO.
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    Never had a problem with it myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinbad View Post
    we are just in the process of changing from sky to virgin !! sky has to be the worst internet option in the uk. JMHO.
    paul wait till you get virgin its crap in this area,atb doug,not had any trouble with sky,

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    I use Telecom Plus (aka Utility Warehouse) and found them good. If I get issues I get to talk to someone in this country and they are very helpful. If you want to you can put the gas/electricity & mobile with them too, and they all put it on one bill which makes keeping track of the household bills very easy.

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