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Thread: Replacement mincer recommendations

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    Replacement mincer recommendations

    Hi guys n girls

    i have had a youngs mincer for years but looks like summit gone in the mincing head
    back of the worm drive been rubbing metal on metal and had to throw stuff in bin as contaminated

    so either replacement head unit or another one new
    so any recommendations ? Needs to be at least equivalent or better than the youngs ??


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    Paul. How much mincing do you plan to do? Weekly, monthly or less frequently? Regards JCS

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    Phoned Weschenfelder & can get complete replacement head for it for 60 .... But not till next week .....

    saw as they have an "Inox" stainless version of the youngs so bought that ..... Had the youngs since 2008 so it's done ok .... Think I'll still buy replacement head and keep as a spare ... Or maybe sell to someone starting out will see

    sonetines I doesn't get used for weeks them could have 4 beasts to do over 2 or 3 days , not a lot but I like the robustness of summit half decent :-)



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    Stick with the Youngs one - some of the cheaper ones on the market have plastic gears, which can wear out quite quickly if given a lot of use, and largeish chunks of venison to handle

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    Sticking with a youngs equivalent but stainless....

    looks like the "top hat washer" at the back of the auger is gone

    see if can find spare for it then decide wether to keep as as a spare or not


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    You may get a spare through weschenfelder, my inox one came with a spare in the box.

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