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Thread: stalking with wayne davies

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    stalking with wayne davies

    I was lucky enough to get an invite to stalk with wayne and
    his good friend andy at the weekend
    we went out onto some lovely wooded valleys even though we were
    stalking i kept looking up and thinking what the pheasants would
    be like off the tops of some of the drives
    we stalked around some of the woods with max waynes lovely GSP
    i learnt alot by watching the dog and his reactions
    we made our way around and back to the vechile to kit up for a
    stint in the high seat to try for a fallow seeing i have not shot one
    i was really geared up for this
    only to turn the corner and a pack of fox hounds emerge and go
    right through the wood we had just stalked around
    wayne hoped they would stay away from the block we were about
    to sit out on so we made our way across some stubble to the high seat
    plenty of activity from deer to be seen so things were looking hopefull
    well we got to the high seat and got set up .
    I recon we were there about five minutes when the pack of hounds
    appeared again and proceded to go through the whole wood out came
    the the other end where andy had set up .
    out came the fox and also a couple of fallow bot the fallow did not
    quite present a shot
    wayne was pissed right off and said to the huntsman this guys come
    all the way up from somerset and youve ruined our day
    they said there sorrys and made there way off
    we sat it out but knowing we would be lucky to see anything now
    we were right the hounds had stirred it right up and the deer had
    gone elsewhere.
    wayne had a stinking cold and felt like **** and events didnt make
    him feel any better
    wayne i would like to thank you and andy for your time and effort
    it doesnt matter that i didnt shoot one ive met two great guys
    stalked a new part of the country and learnt alot about dog work
    and stalking
    PS i managed to get back to the services past jct 12 m4 and got a couple hours sleep got in four oclock this morning
    up the club won the fitasc clays competition
    now just off to do another night shift on the motorway
    many thanks again mate best regards pete .

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    Shame that it got buggered up but a nice write up all the same.

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    Good write up Pete, shame you didn't get your Fallow but you were in good company regardless

    Maybe we can have a look for a Fallow when you come down to me for your CWD

    Good luck with the night shift



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    danger mouse
    thanks for the thumbs up on the right up glad you enjoyed it
    i suppose thats stalking nothings garanteed thats why we
    enjoy it regards pete .

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    cheers mate really looking forward to coming up to you
    also to meeting your dog and seeing him work
    you were right about wayne top bloke
    I was woried sick not to make a noise in case he said
    I was like a elephant in a cornflake packet
    i could do without this night shift though im knackered
    see you soon pete .

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    thats a blooming shame about the hounds, i hav the same probs on one of my pieces
    so know how Wayne must of been feeling

    next time your up my way give us a shout,
    bout time we had a catch up


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    I stalked with Wayne many times and even feeling like **** he'd do his best for you.
    (i won't say he looks like ***** even when he's well)
    Next time i'm down there he maybe won't give me such a hard time for killing all them ginger buggers. LOL

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    Id have been sorely tempted to put a neat little hole in that fox Pete..

    Old twinkle toes Davies floats over them twigs and leaves .. Recon he was a ninja in a previous life 8)

    Two great guys Wayne and Andy and as been said nobody would work harder than them two, to make sure you got on a deer..

    Guna be a long night shift mate


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    Roedinater its a shame you didnt manage to get a shot and if i no wayne he would of been mighty pi ed off about the fox hounds comming threw and spoiling a good day.
    I bet it was still better than a day at work though

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    What a sh*t about the hounds Pete.
    As Terry said i bet you were twitching on the trigger when charlie popped out.

    Hopefully catch up this year.


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