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    Remington Propellant

    Hi all,
    I am trying to find out what propellant Remington use to load their Remington Accutip 95gr PRA243WA. Does anyone out there know or know where I might find the info, as have drawn a blank up to now.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    I have never cracked open that round, but have done it to quite a few; since Remington used to be owned by DuPont Chemical, their powders were IMR DuPont. My bet is that this is IMR-4350. Get a 10x jeweler's loupe and compare some of the grains.

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    Ammunition makers seldom use cannister (commercial) powders in their cartridges. Most of the time it is a specially engineered powder toting a long alpha-numeric code number, purchased by the X ton-lot, and unavailable to the public.~Muir

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    True. Some, like the Federal High Energy, were a combination of powders, in a stack, held there by the seated bullet. But Remington, being a close business partner of DuPont going back to the 1830s, and then a division of them, was all about DuPont powders. The same was true of Winchester, as a division of Olin Chemical. I have opened up their loads for years, examined powder, loaded up what it matched, and replicated the loads, using their bullets, brass and primers. I have still found it to be true in the loads I have cracked open in the last year. Who can blame them? If they have a proven load that works, why change the powder that has been in the recipe for 40 years?

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