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Thread: You tube ... Good for DIY gun smithing

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    You tube ... Good for DIY gun smithing

    Hi guys
    I have found YouTube to be extremely helpful in deciding upon which relatively simple gun smithing jobs I feel comfortable attempting myself rather than passing the job over to a gunsmith. Today I fitted a new high quality alloy bolt shroud to my Tikka T3 as a replacement to the standard plastic one. I ordered the shroud from mountain tactical in the states. It is an excellent product but disappointedly came with no fitting instructions. After watching a 3 minute tikka t3 bolt shroud swop video clip on YouTube a couple of times, I was pretty confidently able to do this job in about 30 seconds flat with no issues.

    In the past, amongst other small jobs like trigger adjustments, I have learned how to strip, clean , lubricate and reassemble the bolt from my Benelli M2 shotgun... I would never have attempted that myself prior to watching a full video'd explanation on YouTube though.

    My thanks go out to the people who take the time to post such informative videos in the first place. But before I get Lambasted by the odd member, Lets be realistic.... I would not undertake anything as intricate as stoning trigger sears or working on safety catches. I am referring to simple straight forward jobs that the average person could carry out if shown how to do it.

    Many thanks YouTube posters!
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    how much did you pay paul pleasefor bolt shroud,if you dont mind theres a crack in my placcie one
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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    how much paul pleasefor bolt shroud,
    Check Mountain Tactical Company, home of The Tikka Performance Center

    The price is $49.95 plus $6.55 postage which totals $56.50 delivered to the Uk!
    This equates to 33.44 delivered .... Postage works out to be 3.87!! Delivered in about 7 days.
    I Didn't get stung for UK import tax either.
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