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Thread: Laksen Breeks

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    Laksen Breeks

    2 pairs of Laksen Breeks that were £200 RRP, with labels.

    Both are 43 inch waist


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    Which ones are they? Tweed/ Jim

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    Jingzy, are both pair the same tweed? I'll certainly have one pair off you. If they are different tweeds then you better send me a pic of the other pattern, if they are the same then I'm happy with the pair shown. Before anyone calls me a fat barsteward, I like them loose and I have a tame tailor! Send me a message with the name and address you want the cheque sent to. JC

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    Jc Mate i hope you have talked to your tailor as i was of the opinion that they could only be taken in the way not out the way Great price just wish they were a 38 40 i would have bit your hand off mate.

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    Both pairs are the same tweed and they are the Kelso pattern.

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    Why oh why couldn't I be just a little bit more rotund? Bargain that, just 5 inches to large!

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    I will take a pair, Jim

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    Great breeks bad timing, They arrived today fit well and I am delighted. Timing only bad as Ash's drag bag arrived same post.
    Iatoah asks what you been buying now
    Ps I will copy and paste this on Ash's post as well

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    No problem Jim,

    enjoy them

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