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Thread: Any one doing DSC1 at Donnington ?

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    Any one doing DSC1 at Donnington ?

    Well finally decided to get on and do level 1.
    Is any one on here doing the course with David Stretton in June ?

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    hi nick,
    I did mine a few years back with David, great place to go to, he really knows his stuff.
    good luck

    ps, if his wife is still cooking roast for lunch, expect to gain a pounds to

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    Hi Simon,

    Sounds good to me, it's just a shame that Highbird70 that I'm doing it with will be on a massive diet.
    Expect to be asked a for a few tips at the meet up next week.

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    You should change job Nick100

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    Four of us went to daves today for assessment only and had a great day ,dave and mark and tony prudence put us at ease and I think it was ken who works there cracked jokes all day .we all passed and we all said we learnt more than we thought we would so very worth while .dsc2 now ? hmmm made a phone call tonight might do .
    regards N

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    Kenny is certainly good fun. How was the lunch ?

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    Lunch was good as was the place a very interesting yard never seen so many antlers ! Great range too .couldnt recommend more highly whether full course or assessment only

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