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Thread: Justice for deer

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    Justice for deer

    My friend and mentor who introduced me to stalking 30+ odd years ago, called me tonight with a problem, he was for many years a F.C. ranger responsible for culling huge numbers of deer during his career, a very experienced deerstalker who still maintains that when you think you have seen, or know it all, deer have the ability to make you rethink and adapt your proven strategies. Always a keen gardener producing a stunning array of flowerbeds in the middle of a busy market town, his past has come to haunt him, a young muntjac buck has discovered his tulips and daffodils and finds them delicious. Persistent chasing it from his garden, then into his neighbours, "and closing their gate behind it" hasn't worked. he is now constantly peering out of his window, hiding behind trees in the garden, then jumping into view, no longer frightens it away, he's somewhat of a midget to be honest, I think the munty may have thought he was a new garden gnome and no longer takes any notice, I could not help but see the funny side of this, he now has his own tame deer doing well on high protein fodder, within a sanctuary, safe from traffic, and no natural predators around, this "munty" I shall call him Cyril, could live till a long and healthy lifespan. I believe they can survive in such an environment for up to 12-13 years, hence the title Justice for deer, any thoughts on how we can (nicely) persuade Cyril to go elsewhere chaps, all input appreciated. deerwarden.

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    Ha ha brilliant thread but we need pictures!! Especially of your friend sitting in the garden holding a fishing rod!!
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    Still cant make up my mind if this is a wind up. Electric fence?

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    wot he needs is a nice slender 6 foot blonde muntjac doe in four inch heels to lead him up the garden path, granville fetch your cloth,

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    Quote Originally Posted by howa243 View Post
    Still cant make up my mind if this is a wind up. Electric fence?
    No wind up, a tongue in cheek at my best mates dilemma after a lifetime of managing deer, a bit a jovial post makes a change from the bitching that goes on at times, already thought of the electric fence, but it would have to run 50yds down the gravelled access road with houses on both sides, don't think they would like their cats or dogs zapped, like the blonde doe idea, afraid its causing chaos in his flower patch and will have to go one way or another, I'll take my dog up there as he is always peeing, that and some dog or fox droppings will maybe do the trick, but this is an area where there is no areas of grass or wasteland, 150yds down a access lane from a really busy road and shopping area, amazing creature totally at home as if he has been there for years, possibly has in someone else's garden, as he has always said to me throughout our long time together chasing deer, its never written in stone what deer do, only in books, you learn more on the ground. I owe this man my introduction to stalking as a "would you like to watch some deer" question all those years ago has lead me to taking all six species, numerous quality and trophy heads, and the friendship of a man I still stalk and socialise with. deerwarden, still think its hilarious, the number of deer he's taken over 50years must run into thousands, this one is really taken the pee.
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    Get it in a trap, I have somewhere it can live for a few years


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    Quote Originally Posted by howa243 View Post
    GOOD idea, he's bound to have cats c*****g in his tulips, I'll try my dog to discourage it as there is so little areas it can go without being seen by the neighbours, there is a large church 100yds to the rear, that with a large shopping area, and other houses is completely surrounded on all sides by this very busy road, could be living in the churchyard, its not fazed by people as it will feed while watched, it has to go I'm afraid as it comes back at night and is stripping his flower beds. The cat scarer may be a good idea, but I believe they tolerate them after a time, any input about scarer's losing efficiency guys. deerwarden

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    No safe shots?

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    No safe shots?
    moderated 222 out of the bedroom window ?!

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