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    New truck

    Whats your thoughts on the new isuzu D-max? Versus the old style rodeo? I know the new version ment have twin turbo and slightly better fuel economy. But what you compare too like a hilux? Dont want buy brand new but mayb something about the 4 year old sorta age. Got an l200 just now but wont be buying one those.
    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    Been in a couple of brand new dmax,s and to my mind better in every area than a hilux apart from rear windows don't go fully down if you are shooting out of them but I don't think you will get a 4 year old d-max

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    A lot of the guys in the wood are using them as they get a good deal, they are saying they are more reliable than the hilux but I will stick with my ranger.

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    Just got my DMax back after 12000 miles and its 4th Fuel filter. (93 fitted) This time warranty has been rejected because we've not been using it enough, supermarket fuel, warm weather, cold weather, wet weather etc. etc. So the message is clear - don't get a DMax if you want to use it normally, buy fuel where you like, go out in UK weather and don't like being turned over by the local dealer. Wish I'd got a Hilux.

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    That's the problem, supermarket fuel, warm weather, cold weather, wet weather .

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    Whether we want it or not we get weather!!!


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    I went for the Hilux a 57 plate 2007 model (ex dealer demo vehicle) so got a good price. I've abused it to some degree, a couple of small dents & scratches and bashed the underside a few times off road and after 7 years I must say I'm disgusted that the fuel tank shield has cracked and now the exhaust has started blowing !
    Think when I replace the vehicle I'll get another

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    My Toyota surf Gen 3 diesel is bomb proof. 17 yrs old nearly and I just service it and grease the prop's and she's great. Great off road and beats pick-up or a LR hands down (had them - never again)

    The only other thing I would consider is a land cruiser (Prado or Amazon) something probably intercooled but it doesn't matter derv / petrol (LPG would be an option)

    best of all parts are cheap

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    I went through the same decision 2 years ago. Always been a Toyota man all my life. But I prefer the Dmax over the Hilux now.
    But I bought an Amarok in the end. And wow was that a good decision.
    F׀&*ing fantastic ute!

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