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Thread: Tough buggers

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    Tough buggers

    There have been boar visiting my feeder so last night i sat out to try for one. The boar have been visiting between 2.00 and 4.00 in the morning so i got up in the hunting tower about 1.30. A nice clear night at -1 and a bit of frost on the ground. We have been having great weather the last couple of weeks with up to +17 during the day and -0 at night.

    About 2.15 this male boar showed up and started eating the miaze so i dropped him with a shot in the ear. After getting him back to my barn i started gutting him. When i go down to his lungs the right hand lung seemed to be stuck to the ribs and there was a strange blotchy look plus the lung was collapsed. The right lung looked very odd and some sort of disease was the first thing that crossed my mind.
    Anyway off to bed and this morning out to have another look at the boar. On checking over the boar i noticed a wound that penetrated the lung cavity causing the lung to collapse. By the look of the wound he had got a boar tusk in the ribs.
    Apart from the lung he is in good condition and was having no problem moving or eating.
    Wild boar are tough buggers that can take injury that would kill other animals.

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    Very interesting, amazed he is in such good condition with that injury. Congratulations. Chris.

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    Thats my boy, you are gonna need a sausage maker if you get many more that size!

    I might have a bit of extra time on my hands soon, so you best put two cushions in the high tower, if you have to sit out all night.
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    He's not as big as he looks. Under 2 years old. Sausage maker is on the list. You've got my number only need to ring. That #3from that tower.
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    nice one mate.

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    Nice one Alan, congrats!

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    Nice one Alan.
    I shot many of them in Lithuania and them are one of tough animal going.

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