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Thread: Roe kids afoot

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    Roe kids afoot

    I had a call this am shooting buddy saw a roe kid this am near Tetbury he thought it looked only a couple of days old. Have noticed this week all roe does have vanished only bucks visible. Also looks like silage will start this weekend so there is the likelyhood of some unfortunate casualties.


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    Same here , haven't seen a doe this past week but have seen 4 bucks
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    Out this evening north wilts saw only does 3x pregnant and the bucks were hiding!

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    been out for bunnies seen two does and two bucks in velvet with them also a doe in the grass that stayed put and wouldnt move, left them in peace,

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    2 red deer calves here so far. Have to say I agree with casualties due to silaging; its well under way here in Devon. It can be very hard not to hit some roe kids even when you have seen the mother get up and leave the field.

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    I saw the first Roe kid of the season this morning on my way into work in the South Lakes, only one with the Doe can only be a day or to old. Nice to see on the way into work even if it was stupid o'clock. :-)

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    Yup saw my first last night trotting after mum. Still seeing plenty of does mind you.

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    I'm only seeing does at the moment - even the young 'uns

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    I stumbled across this little chap yesterday. Also seen a few very heavy does.

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