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Thread: baille head?

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    baille head?

    Hopefully this should work and people should be able to find what I'm talking about via the eBay I'd below (any it savvy members, please feel free to insert an appropriate link). Does anyone else think the head in this auction exhibits signs of being a baillie head? It's seems very thick from the pedicles down to and including the eye sockets.

    I appreciate it's difficult to tell from photos but I'm thinking even at 200, it could be a bargain for any serious collector of roe trophies.



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    That's what I was hoping for! Many thanks david.


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    Of course it's difficult to tell just from a photo, but I would doubt that would qualify as a true Baillie.

    I remember a thread coming up before about Baillie heads where I posted this article by Richard Prior in response: If you read the article he talks about the original head "looked as though liquid concrete had been poured over it", and the photos on page 2 bear this out. The head on eBay doesn't seem quite so affected but, as I say, it's difficult to tell just from a photo.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Cheers willie gunn. I appreciate it's not a baillie in the classic sense, but I felt it did show some of the characteristics. Interesting what's out there. Perhaps these heads are a bit more common than people think.


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    Anyone else have any thoughts?


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    Definitely not a Baillie head. While the antlers are deformed the shape of the skull is wrong. If you look at the eye socket (orbital) bones and the nasal bones there is no thickening. Baillie heads have a general thickening of the skull bones and a shortening of the condylo-basal length.They are considerably heavier than a normal skull

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    here is a baillie from northyorkshire.

    regards chris
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    shot this in august still in velvet,

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