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Thread: PPI reclaim

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    PPI reclaim

    No..not another company after you, just a query.

    This is stalking related in that any money that comes will no doubt be spent on shooting kit .

    I'm considering taking one of "those" companies up on their kind offer (lol) to check if I am owed anything.
    I was just wondering if others had gone down this road and how it went.?

    Thanks in advance
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I did it myself, since it's really not difficult at all, and if there was some money to be gad at the end, I'd rather have it all to myself, especially for the price of three stamps. The bank said that they hadn't missold me PPI, but that I was welcome to take it to the ombudsman (which I expected). So I did. And the ombudsman said that I'd been a silly so-and-so when I was younger and that it was all my own fault for not paying attention at the time. Fair enough, it was worth a try...

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    Get money??? I'd pay good money if they'd stop calling me! Never had any PPI in my life. Just about to start dinner, the 'phone goes. Talking to someone at the front door, the 'phone goes. Driving along where I can't stop easily, the mobile rings. Having a lie in after a late evening....the 'phone goes.

    The more times you give out your number to companies because of genuine reasons, such as buying something online, the more you get called. Obviously everyone is selling on your numbers. It's really one of the worst things about modern living and can seriously affect the quality of someone's life.

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    .....then when you go online to check sd some silly sod is asking about it.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    .....then when you go online to check sd some silly sod is asking about it.
    Ha ha, Sorry Private Fraser, just letting off steam a bit there. If there's a genuine claim to be had, then one should fill one's boots.

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    I did'nt think I had agreed to PPI on a couple of mortgages,but after being hassled by one of these reclaim companies, I agreed to have a punt at claiming, I was gobsmacked to have had two substantial cheques turn up, followed by an invoice telling me I owed the company who did the work,39% of my pot.Wf1

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    my brother got call after call so one day he said "if i had it find it" THEY DID he got 5.5 k and spent it on a 62" 3d tv ? .

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    The last couple of replies are examples of why I'm thinking of going that way.
    I tend to keep old financial stuff, papers relating to mortgages previously had but I don't have everything so that's why the ppi claim company route.
    I reckon the claims companies are like pit bulls and when the loan or mortgage people see them coming they fold, but when it's a personal approach is made they try their luck and argue the toss.
    The claims companies may also be able to do some sort of search and come up with stuff. Any financial people out there who may know about that?
    The downside is what they charge, I've heard it's pretty shocking.

    But, there is this new rifle idea that's forming....
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    phil my bro said to me after he had to pay over a % , was "what why should i give one" " i did't have 5.5k last week to spunk on a tv i did't need, i have now !! without wishing i had some play cash now its just like a good old a tax rebate" . made him right me iv never had PPI been bless'd with never needing it.

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    If you know who may owe you, just ask for it, it's easy and free.
    If you don't know and are just wondering then use one of the many services, remembering you will lose 30% to them if successful
    If it's Lloyds who owe you money, and you don't have the original paperwork then wave it good bye.
    Buggers won't even admit I banked with them from 1980 to 1998


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