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Thread: What scope for stalking? Cheap...

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    What scope for stalking? Cheap...


    I wanting to get a scope to go on my 6.5, it's just to be used for stalking.
    Ive been thinking about a fixed mag for it, have seen the meopta 7x50 for around 150 which I will probably go for when I see another for sale, what are the pros an cons of fixed mag over adjustable?? And are the meopta's any good??


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    Sounds like a good deal to me.

    As the pupil of the eye can only dilate to 7mm, a 7x50 scope, with its 7mm exit, matches the eye, just as the 6x42mm does, and offers great light gathering potential. The better optical companies realize that with superior glass, grinding, and coatings. Meopta is one of those.

    Fixed power scopes have fewer lenses, less transmission loss, should be lighter and more rugged.

    6x is about the limit for most shooters to hold steady without a solid rest, so you have to evaluate your own hunting style, terrain, hours, light, etc.

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    You could do a lot worse than buy this: For Sale: Leupold M8 6x42 Scope.

    The chap I stalk for has exactly the same scopes on all his rifles, and they've accounted for a lot of deer over the years, both for him and his clients.

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    Go for the Meopta 7x50 Will, you won't get better for the money as long as it is in reasonable condition and you won't regret it.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    Go for the Meopta 7x50 Will, you won't get better for the money as long as it is in reasonable condition and you won't regret it.
    like what he said


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    Keep it simple it will do the job perfectly fixed mag are fantastic as theres less to adjust no parallax and no vari

    buy and enjoy

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    if you can get one for 150 rip his arm off

    7x50 meoptas are normally in the 200+ range
    well worth the money

    I have the 6x42 version on my .270

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    Yeah I think my mind is already made up, I seen one on here go for that price and the one I was watching on eBay went for 148 so hopefully another will come along at that price.
    Im also thinking of swapping the scope on my foxing rifle to a fixed mag scope to keep things simple and keep the weight down

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    Meopta Artemis 2000 Rifle Scope | eBay

    this one I was watching went for 200 and it was a bargain

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