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Thread: What's with all the names....?

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    What's with all the names....?

    No, not an enquiry into the occasional spat that crops up on the site.....

    It's Friday afternoon, and I'll 'fess up to having slightly wandering concentration , so I've dipped into SD - gives me a brief break from the fairly complex proposal analysis spreadsheet I'm currently building - and after looking at numerious threads, a question has popped into my head:

    Why is your username what it is?

    Some of them are fairly obvious - I think, although I stand to be corrected - but there do appear to be some pretty obscure ones on here. So - what made you choose the one you have??

    I'm happy to start......."Merlin" was the name that I was originally going to call my spaniel, but we ended up calling him Max instead; when I joined SD, I needed to come up with summat, 'Merlin' popped into my head, and that was that. No wizard/Arthurian legend links, nor a propensity for Britain's smallest bird of prey - just a 'spare dog name'.

    Who's next??
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    Mine is named after my favourite salmon fly.
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    Bob has been a nickname for years,

    my name is mike really

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    When I started work I seemed to lead a charmed life and my boss christened me Lucky Eddie - simples!!


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    Im always looking for a laugh and daft as a brush and Ive a massive love for springers.


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    started as Jockstrap after my name when playing football for the Army and wearing a jockstrap.

    then Scotland Rifles and still is on some forums. taken from/named after a Scottish rifle regiment.and my cap badge in the forces.

    Bobjs... tried bobski but it was not allowed ? so kept bobjs.

    bob short for Robert in England or Rab in Scotland


    bobjs was short for bob the jolly scotsman.
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    My name is Barry but all my family always called me bazil after basil brush but it was always spelt with a Z so that's why bazil

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    Not Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) as people often think but my old car M3 CSL!

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    Scrumbag, as a rugby fan it amuses my puerile sense of humour and can describe my general behaviour and demeanour!

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