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Thread: Thread care anti-seize

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    Thread care anti-seize

    For the last couple of years i have been using copper anti-sieze on the threads of all my rifles and cannot fault its performance.
    It doesnt seem to attract dirt/debri and seems to stay put, but more importantly it prevents the dreaded moderator stuck on syndrome which can afflict those of us whose maintenance regime is maybe not as regular as we would like it to be.

    [Taken from side of tin]

    It is a lead free compound for threaded connections of pipes flanges and threaded fasteners subjected to high temperature and/or corrosive environments. The compound overcomes galling on assembly,prevents seizure and reduces dismantling torque.

    Temperature range as an anti-seize is -30*c to 1100*c

    Available at most hardware stores or machinery centres it shouldnt cost the earth and a tin should last most of us a lifetime
    Give it a go i dodnt think you will be dissapointed just remember a little dab will do ya.
    Hope this prevents you getting it stuck

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    +1 on that, I have used copper slip/copper ease on boiler bolts and screws, they tend to seize up and can be a so and so to undo being made of metallic butter! copper slip does the job and no more drilling out of screws, most other greases evaporate in the heat, also works well on motorcyle nuts and bolts

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    Just use bolt grease myself, but only a little!!

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    +1 for the copper grease, works a treat especially on my moderator, helps it come apart easy and also easy to unscrew from the barrel. Cheap as chips too.

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    Good quality anti-seize has lots of metal (active ingredient) and little grease. Inexpensive anti-seize is mostly grease with a small portion of metal whereas high quality anti-seize has approximately 43% active ingredient. Better grades of anti-seize will conform to a mil-spec such as MIL-T-22361 or 907E, but if your using a stainless moderator or barrel nickel based anti seize is better for you......

    Personally I use a teflon based grease.


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    I use LT2 on mt mod thread but i might give this a go

    ATB Nick.

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    I use copperslop on everything, cars, motorbikes, mods. If it doesn't need threadlock it gets a coat thus ensuring easy dismantling in the future.
    It's amaing the difference it makes to brake perfomance too when properly applied to the backs of pads andf the pad contact area of the caliper.

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    Takes me 10 seconds to take of mod and give the threads a clean with a cloot.Never had a mod sticking yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike View Post
    Takes me 10 seconds to take of mod and give the threads a clean with a cloot.Never had a mod sticking yet.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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